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Au Trou and Au Parc Experience

Difficulty: Easy Duration: 3 hours Starting Point: Au Tou Au Trou, an area in the village, is well known for its swimming area at the “Havre”.  Long ago, parents brought their children here to learn how to swim.  The learning process involved different levels of expertise and were given names. The first being “roche casse,” and as progress was made into deeper water, the names of  “la roche,” “derriere la glie,” “derriere croix-la,” and finally “la pointe plat” (about 15 metres out), were used. As you walk along the reef, you come to the traditional fishing area with a small pool.   Neaby is the ‘Blow Hole’ from which the sounds of the sea can be heard. This, the villagers interpret as their ancestors still being in control of their lives.  The next sight is a majestic cave by the sea, so huge and deep that the end cannot be seen. Au Parc, has been very popular with the villagers as the area was once a Carib market. It was also used as sporting grounds in the ‘40s and ‘50s and was the site of an archaeological excavation. Many folks from the village, as well as others from Penville, regularly go down to the Au Parc pool to soothe their aches and pains as it is believed that the salt water has therapeutic qualities. A long time ago, parents bathed their babies in the pools to give them strong legs and help them walk sooner. It is believed that once you come to Au Parc your love for Nature is enhanced.

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